Sunday, October 7, 2007

Citizen Ecozilla ... This is one HUGE watch

The Citizen Ecozilla is one of the chunkiest watch out there. It has a 48mm case (52mm with crown) and 18mm thick. This model comes with either the stainless steel bracelet or the rubber strap. Other straps cannot fit the lug because of the lug construction. There is a custom made adapter for people who want to put on other types of strap.

The owner of this watch preferred the titanium version (as it is much lighter), so he sold me the watch without the stainless steel bracelet. Without a band or bracelet, it is impossible to wear it as it will not fit other straps. He custom made a pair of 24mm adapters.

I got a Panerai styled military rubber strap from eBay and the textured style goes well with this chunky watch.

The watch was sold almost immediately and the new owner was impressed with the strap.


Anonymous said...

nice watch

Anonymous said...

can you tell me where can I get that adapter for the bracelet version? It look really nice

:: the watch geek :: said...

I bought this watch from a watch forum and the previous owner has it made for this watch.